Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why you should avoid SOY products – TOP 10 REASONS

For the last three decades soy derived products have been a trend as heathly foods and a good
alternative replacing meats. But in opposition to what most people think, soy products bring more negative effects than good benefits. The reality is that soy products and soy itself contain a harmful array of compounds that are not suitable for human consumption.

During the 60's with the emergence of large activist groups and the birth of the hippie movement the idea of vegetarianism and healthy eating was introduced to the masses. As a result, large meat processing companies realized that the new trends could end their business which lead them to spend millions of dollars investigating marketing tactics to regain the lost customers.

And so, after spending millions on advertising they realized that a good percentage of people will just not go back to their meat eating habits and they realized this number was going to expand in the future. Consequently, they decided to use the most cheap and common food they had readily available, the soy they used to feed the cattle.

Soy was their perfect answer and they had it readily available, whats more it was cheap and it was little well known among the masses. In addition, there were no deep studies regarding soy which lead to an early easy FDA approval. Furthermore, with the help of top marketing professionals soy and soy products have become a trend with the false sold idea to be healthy and and not as expensive as meat.


1. Soy contains an abundant amount of Nitrites which are powerful carcinogens.

2. Soy also contains large amounts of oxalates which are a primary factor for kidney stones.

3. Soy contains a phytostrogen called Genistain that may cause infertility, and is known to un-balance the natural cycles of the body.

4. Soybeans are known to contain enzyme inhibitors which block trypsin and other enzymes needed to digest protein. Studies have shown that consumption of soy products can result in gastric distress, amino acids deficiencies and unpaired protein digestion.

5. Soy suppresses the immune system by the quantity of estrogen’s it frees when in the process of digestion.

6. Soy products are processed under conditions of high pressure at high temperatures.
In consequence the natural protein structure is destructed making it much harder to digest. In fact, it is transformed so much that many people have immunologic reactions to it. This process is also a cause for allergies.

7.An study conducted to elderly Indonesians discovered that soy can cause brain damage and breast cancer.

8. Soybeans come with huge amounts of natural toxins also called “anti-nutrients” . Among these anti nutrients strong enzyme inhibitors that block the normal activity of trypsin and several other enzymes that are needed for digestion.

9. Soy is a goitrogen which can negatively affect the thyroid gland.

10. Over 90% of the soy in the world is genetically modified, treated with high amounts of pesticides and washed with in harmful chemicals.

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